Ernie, What you got?

2-3-wae-ernie-finds-snakeErnie lives in the cargo bay down below and handles bags and plane maintenance.   In the cartoon above, Ernie is looking through the goods with his co-conspirator, Babs, when he uncovers the plane’s mascot, a green snake.  Ernie is a social recluse that is 6 foot 6 inches tall stretch-out in the light, but now he’s mostly hunch-backed from years in the crawl.  He bangs his head a lot and doesn’t much pick up on the obvious queues of good customer service.  Ernie is harmless unless you have a good pair of Ray-Bans in your checked luggage.

I haven’t watch the full movie, Snakes on a Plane, only a few scenes whenever cable has it playing late on sleepless nights.  Watching a whole movie is rare for me these days anyway, but it’s a fun movie to reference because everyone remembers it by title at least.  Wikipedia states there were 450 snakes used to make the film, all “mostly” non-venomous.  Ha, ha, nighty night, sleep tight.

The planes structure is coming through in this cartoon.  It’s an all wood plane (think Spruce Goose), but more on that will come in a future post.  When drawing the cargo hull, I was thinking of a dusty, old house basement with a simple A-19 incandescent 60 watt lamp… remember those?  Are they still made?  It’s like we tossed Thomas Edison out of our new LED culture by not having a filament.

Babs is dressed a little differently that recent posts because this cartoon was done awhile back.  The idea of her uniform was to evoke a 1930’s air travel feel to the comic.  Eh, not really getting there, so maybe that’s why it evolved.

“Gravy” (Bob).


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