Learning to Blog

This post is in response Blogging University, Learning the Fundamentals, Day Four, Identifying your Audience. I signed up for these lessons to better learn WordPress blogging, and now auto delivery emails arrive each day outlining a specific task for me to complete.

Day Four lesson asks a new blogger to brainstorm about the kind of person who might read their blog.  This is a good question which had me stumped in the beginning, but after I stopped overthinking every possible audience, the answer became clearer.  Generally my audience should enjoy reading simple humor, like newspaper cartoons, to break up their day.  Everyone likes to laugh, right?  So the reader should be able to smile, occasionally laugh out load on a train, and hopefully connect with the story line by coming back again.  it’s a demanding crowd!

The blogging lesson also asks for me to insert an image, so I inserted a Feature Image above and Added Media below.  Both older cartoons of mine to see how this two picture experiment appears when published.

Thanks for reading my home work.  If you’re new to blogging and could use helping hand, check out these learning exercises offered at Blogging University.



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