Spruce Goose


So by now, you’ve noticed this is not an ordinary airplane.  The architectural cross-section above will help explain.  First, the fuselage, wings and flaps are all made of wood, which has precedence in aviation history.  Howard Hughes made an extremely large wood plane during World War II that is currently house in the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, Oregon (south of Portland).  It’s called the, “Spruce Goose.”

Hughes failed short with amenities, since his plane was designed for overseas cargo to resupply troops fighting the war.  The airplane in our cartoon is much more pleasant and fitted with the proper country charm of an old Kansas farm house.  There are oak framed double hung windows; hard pine kitchen cabinets for carry-ons; striped wainscot wall paper in the flight deck; and hand crafted dining room chairs with seat belts for the passengers.

Babs has a party lounge, tattoo parlor below the flight deck.  Dudley framed a secrete brewery in the back of the plane where he crafts fine Bavarian style Weissbiers.  Ernie removed the fire suppression tanks in the cargo hull to make room for his own bunk where he keeps Archie and Beetle Bailey comics on a shelf to look at during the flight.  A front door has a mail slot, door bell and welcome mat.  And, Captain Sully has a sun tanning deck on top for off hour reading and relaxation.

There you have have it.  Welcome aboard!




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