About Gravy

Cartoons fit my personality more than other types of artwork.  Besides, when I do fine art, it ends up being a cartoon anyway.  I’m older, have a career, wife and kids, but a part of me never grew out of trying to making things funny.

In November of 2016, when the crusty presidential election began to harden, I jumped out of political cartoons and into drawing a comic series titled, “The Worst Airline Ever!”  Not really sure where it was leading at the time, but so far it has been a lot fun.

The name “Gravy” came about when I joined Twitter and needed a user name.  Easy, right?  Apparently my life was “already in use.”  Anything I thought of was taken until I realized that  “I_ like_Gravy,” and there it was.  My pen name, Gravy.  One last check in the Urban Dictionary, and I was good to go.

Thanks for reading. Hope the cartoons bring a laugh to your day!